EGAP Program

The E-Governance for Accountability and Participation Program (EGAP) is being implemented by East Europe Foundation and Innovabridge Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation over 2015–2023.

This program is supported by the Swiss Confederation, with funding through the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

EGAP’s aim is the development of electronic services and e-democracy at the national and regional levels. Target oblasts are Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Odesa, Vinnytsia, and Volyn Oblasts.

The EGAP Program is engaged in a number of areas:


The EGAP program is developing convenient, transparent public online services for both individuals and business. It also teaches Ukrainians how to use these new technologies.

As a result, Ukrainians are gaining accessible, quality services, government agencies are streamlining their processes and saving time, while for society as a whole the risks of corruption are being reduced and public administration is becoming more efficient and accountable.

Since its inception, the EGAP Program has established dozens of e-services, including eMalyako (eBaby), automatic FOP (sole entrepreneur) registration, domicile registration, applications for residential subsidies, assistance to FOPs and employees during quarantine, and registering for humanitarian aid.


The key purpose of this component is strengthening communication between the government and its citizens, increasing transparency, and reducing corruption.

Services established as part of this component:

  • The e-DEM national platform offers such popular tools as “Local petitions,” “Town Hall,” “Open City,” and “Public Budget.” More than 400 communities are already connected to the platform and eDEM recorded more than 1.6 million users by November 2021.
  • The Diia.Digital Learning platform works to improve digital skills. The platform has educational series aimed at a variety of groups: handicapped individuals, government employees, teachers, and so on. The project’s purpose is to develop digital literacy in 6 million Ukrainians by 2024.
  • The IDP Chat-bot helps internally displaced persons and those living in the occupied territories and on the line of contact to get answers to FAQs regarding pension benefits, housing, documents, crossing the border, and so on.
  • The VzayemoDiia Platform is a digital space where people can freely communicate with government agencies and participate in online competitions for community organizations.

Digitalizing the regions

Fostering digitalization in the regions is one of the most important aims of the EGAP Program. We are working with 40 communities in five of Ukraine’s oblasts: Dnipropetrovsk, Luhansk, Odesa, Vinnytsia, and Volyn.

This kind of collaboration involves carrying out a digital audit and putting together a digitalization plan. We also provide local government agencies with numerous policy boilerplates that are intended to improve the quality of public administration, encourage social innovations, and reduce the digital gap at the oblast level.

Projects in this area include:

  • The Diia.Digital Community Platform includes templates of successful projects, information about courses, and useful analytics for the community representatives responsible for digital transformation.
  • The SVOYI Platform provides a municipal chat-bot for interactions between local governments and residents, and a community website builder. The latter helps communities set up user-friendly and easy-to-understand sites where residents can get information about public services, sign on to petitions, or vote for draft public budgets all in one place, through the SVOYI chat-bot.
  • Mobile Briefcases are apps that allow TsNAP administrators to provide services on the go, making government services available to the elderly, the handicapped, and those who are hospitalized.
  • IVR or Interactive Voice Response is a tool that allows individuals to simply and easily find information that they need regarding government services using a voice menu.

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Program news
Demine Ukraine
A new humanitarian demining portal has been launched in Ukraine. You will be able to apply for certification online and view analytics and current news.
E-Services for Youth Launched
On June 18, a presentation of new electronic services was held in Kyiv. These services are designed to ease the participation of young people in exchange programs and enhance their access to information.
Almost ₣60 Million for EGAP Program
Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program Receives a New Allocation of Almost ₣60 Million.
Mriia App Beta Testing
Ukraine launched beta testing of the Mriia Educational App designed to transform the educational process and help students achieve their learning objectives.
Diia in Zurich
On May 29, 2024, Diia Summit was held in Zurich, Switzerland, to discuss Ukraine’s accomplishments in the field of digital transformation.
The World's Second
During the Diia in Zurich Summit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed, marking the establishment of the world’s second Global Government Technology Center
Digital Power Summit 2024
The Digital Power Summit 2024, a pivotal event in the realm of digital innovation, was successfully convened. It served to honor communities that have made significant strides in digital advancement. The event also marked the unveiling of Ukraine’s first pilot Territorial Community Digital Transformation Index (TCDTI).
Understanding Memorandum
East Europe Foundation and Geneva International Center for Humanitarian Demining Ink Understanding Memorandum
A course on the language of memorials
A new free course "The Language of Memorials" has been launched on Zrozumilo! online educational platform
Zaporizhzhia City Council has new web portal
The Zaporizhzhia City Council has revitalized its web portal using the SVOI platform’s website builder.
Ukraine House Davos
Ukraine House Davos serves as an international cooperation platform for politicians, corporate representatives, journalists, and opinion makers.
9th Citizens’ Activity Centre
Inauguration of the 9th Citizens’ Activity Centre, a contemporary space for community residents to exchange ideas, host events, deliberate on crucial decisions, and work or study.
Wi-Fi routers for school shelters
Ensuring Reliable Internet Connection in School Shelters with Wi-Fi Routers.
National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar Language
On November 23, the National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar language was showcased at the House Crimea in Kyiv.
League of Communities course
26 heads of communities completed the League of Communities course. Graduates received certificates and returned to their communities with new knowledge and experience.
A course on Participatory Budgeting on the Zrozumilo! Platform
A course on “How to Create Your Own Draft Participatory Budgeting” has been released on the Zrozumilo! online platform. It consists of eight lectures discussing participatory budgeting, rules for project proposal drafting and conducting a successful awareness-raising campaign for the project to win.
participatory budgeting
Expanding services for ASCs
The government has expanded the list of services available at ASCs
IT platform for statistics
This summer, we are taking the first step towards automated data management by beta testing an advanced portal of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine
The Digital Transformation Index
The research will be conducted within the EGAP Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Deloitte
Digitalising the Chernihiv Oblast
Volyn hosted a delegation from communities in Chernihiv Oblast, which is a new EGAP target region.
Automatic closing of business
A new service for individual entrepreneurs has become available on the Diia portal. Ukrainians can now close their business automatically and in a matter of seconds
The new programme allows Ukrainians to repair their damaged housing, and construction stores and companies can now help them in doing so
Liquidate individual entrepreneurship
The possibility for individual entrepreneurs to close their businesses will soon be available on the Diia portal
Energy Independence
Solar panel equipment has been installed in the ASCs of Volyn’s digital communities under the ASC Energy Independence Project of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program
Participatory Budgeting
On June 2, the “Participatory Budgeting. Reboot” Forum was held in Kyiv. The event was attended by 65 representatives of Ukraine’s communities
New Citizens’ Activity Centre
The Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program opened a Citizens’ Activity Centre in the Solonianska community
Discussing e-democracy
The future development of e-democracy in Ukraine was discussed as part of Open Government Week
Ecology in communities
As part of the SVOI Platform, the Eco-monitoring page is now available for Ukrainian communities
Dashboard of social service providers
The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine launches a Dashboard to help find and visualise data on social service providers
3 years of services for IEs in Diia
It has been three years since the Diia portal started offering business services
Digitization of state statistics
A new State Statistics Service portal will appear in August this year
Cancellation of car sharing
EGAP Program has joined the development of a car sharing cancellation service in the Diia mobile app
Results of the meeting with the SDC
Meeting with Andrea Studer, Assistant Director General of the SDC, to deepen cooperation on the transformation of Ukrainian education
Digital Communities Forum
On 20–21 March, the 2023 Digital Communities Forum took place in Lviv
Gadgets for Ukraine
The #LaptopsForUkraine campaign was launched on 1 December 2022. Its goal was to collect more than 50,000 gadgets for war-affected regions of Ukraine
WSIS 2023 Forum
On 13-17 March, the WSIS 2023 Forum was held in Geneva
Updates to SVOI Platform
New pages have appeared on SVOI Platform
Child’s residence register extract
Child’s residence register extract is available on the Diia portal. Previously, the service was only available in the app.
‘My Land of Luhansk’ Digital Hub
As part of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, ‘My Land of Luhansk’ — the first digital hub for IDPs — has opened in Dnipro
Starlink Adapters
The Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program handed over Starlink adapters to the Vinnytsia City Council and the Regional Military Administration
Memorandum of Cooperation
The Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the East Europe Foundation concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation
Digitalisation of the Eastern Regions
Despite the heavy shelling of the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast and the occupation of the Luhansk Oblast, we continue to operate and supply our communities with everything necessary.
Results at Diia Reels event in Davos
The Diia Reels event took place within the framework of the World Economic Forum in Davos, where the Ukrainian delegation shared the results of digital transformation work done during a large-scale war.
E-democracy training session
On January 13, a training session themed Implementation of Electronic Democracy Tools for Youth Councils was held in the city of Vinnytsia within the framework of the EGAP Program.
Launching the USR extract service
A service offering electronic extracts from the USR has appeared on the Diia portal, enabling its users to obtain a document online in less than one minute.
Kherson is on the SVOI Platform!
In December 2022, the city of Kherson returned to the SVOI Platform after the liberation of the right-bank portion of Kherson Oblast from Russian occupation.
Survival Course “Safe”
The course “Safe" was launched on the Zrozumilo! Online Educational Platform.
New Administrative Service Center
An Administrative Service Center was opened in the Smidyn Community in Volyn region to provide community residents with quality services.
Advanced training center
Supported by the EGAP Program, more than 3,500 citizens have received professional training.
Coworking space for displaced children
An innovative educational and development center for children and youth has been opened in Dnipro for displaced persons from the Luhansk Oblast.
A new service has appeared
An extract evidencing your place of residence can now be generated on your smartphone with a few clicks. The service that was launched on the portal in June has now become available in the Diia app.
Digital Regions Week
Digital Regions Week — the Ukrainian week of regional digital transformation — is now over.
Digitizing ASCs
Personal identification via Diia becomes accessible at Administrative Service Centers throughout our pilot communities.
Memorandum with Switherland
Switzerland Allocates 15 Million Francs to Boost Digitalization in Ukraine — Memorandum Signed
Let’s Preserve the Language
Recently, the National Corpus of the Crimean Tatar Language (NCCL) has been launched in Ukraine as a special online project to preserve and develop the endangered Crimean Tatar language. This online resource should be seen as a useful tool for linguists and people who want to learn the Crimean Tatar language.
Mobile Suitcases in Odesa region
Our project to equip communities with mobile digital suitcases continues in our pilot regions. Recently, Chornomorsk and Bilyaivka communities in Odesa region received this modern digital equipment.
Renovation of Ukraine
Victor Liakh talked about digital tools that could be helpful for renovation of Ukraine
Swiss partners in Vinnytsia region
Recently, the delegation of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation visited Vinnytsia region, one of the five target regions where the EGAP Program is implemented. During the day, the partners visited the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, the Vinnytsia City Council, Citizen Activity Center in the Viytivtsi community, as well as the humanitarian information hub I am Mariupol.
E-Queue Launched on SVOI Platform
To mark the 10th anniversary of the Law of Ukraine On Administrative Services, the EGAP program launched the E-Queue module for residents to schedule appointments with municipal authorities on the SVOI platform.
School Participatory Budget
Over 5,000 citizens voted online to express their support for the projects within the School Participatory Budget.
Electronic School Diaries
The system of Electronic School Diaries for Students and Tutors was proven successful in 121 other schools that implemented it. Educational process was further digitized in four regions of Ukraine: Volyn, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Vinnitsa.
IDPs Chat Bot
Persons affected by Russian military aggression can now use the Legal Advisor for IDPs chat bot – if they do not have access to Viber, Telegram, Facebook and other instant messengers – by going directly on the chat bot website. This feature is available free of charge and around the clock.
LLC Automatic Registration
On Ukraine's Independence Day, a new service was launched on the DIIA online portal: registration of an LLC.
Educational Platform NAZK.Study
National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP, NAZK from Ukrainian) and East Europe Foundation presented Educational Platform NAZK.Study.
Looking for justice
Ukrainians who were affected by russian aggression can submit an application to the European Court of Human Rights online and receive a compensation
Coworking Zone for IDPs in Dnipro
In cooperation with Luhansk Oblast Civil-Military Administration, East Europe Foundation within EGAP Program opened a coworking space for IDPs from Luhansk oblast in Dnipro
State Grants on Vzayemodiia Platform
Mincyfra and partners have launched a service of electronic competitions on the Vzayemodiia Platform. Civil society institutions will be able to submit proposals for their projects and receive state grants if they win.