Ukraine House Davos

Since 2019, Ukraine has embarked on a journey to establish a digital state under the visionary “State in a Smartphone” initiative led by the President of Ukraine. 

Today, nearly 20 million Ukrainians are active users of the Diia application and portal. Despite facing a full-scale invasion, the digitization process remains undeterred. The Ministry of Digital Transformation, with the support of its partners, continues to roll out new electronic services.

The next transformative milestone for Ukraine is the launch of a comprehensive education reform and innovation strategy.

Ukraine House Davos serves as an international cooperation platform for politicians, corporate representatives, journalists, and opinion makers.

On the third day of the event, supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Mykhailo Fedorov outlined his vision for Ukraine’s digital transformation.

Fedorov discussed Ukraine’s digital transformation journey, the establishment of a state technological culture, and the development of human capital. Most of these projects were launched with the support of the SDC under the EGAP Program, implemented by East Europe Foundation. Notable initiatives include the yeMalyatko service, the Diia.Education platform, the State Statistics Service portal, and the ongoing development of Diia.Office and the Mriia application.

Patricia Danzi, Director General of SDC, commended the positive results of the joint efforts between Ukraine and Switzerland under the EGAP Program:

“Ukraine’s digital services are commendable. They provide Ukrainians with a sense of control and security during these challenging times. Adversity often sparks innovation. Switzerland is committed to continuing its support for Ukraine on its path to recovery and digital advancement.” 

Viktor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation and implementer of the EGAP program, highlighted the role of digital tools in promoting government accountability: 

“Digitalization plays a crucial role in enhancing the accountability of authorities and fostering transparency and responsibility in their activities. However, the fight against corruption is an ongoing process that requires the commitment of all involved, including the government, civil society, and citizens. Recent years have demonstrated such synergy in Ukraine. The state has shown leadership, international partners have provided support, and citizens have expressed a demand for convenient e-services.”

We express our gratitude to Switzerland for its unwavering support of Ukraine during these challenging times. Thanks to our joint efforts, we can continue to drive Ukraine’s digital transformation and development into the future.

The Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, implemented by East Europe Foundation, is a strategic ally of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, focusing on the transformation of public services.