Grant competitions
East Europe Foundation periodically holds competitions for grants to support projects that match our priorities and strategic goals. On this page, you can find out about the list of open competitions and the results of competitions that have already closed.
Grant competition FAQs
Who decides which projects to support and how are such decisions reached?
Projects submitted to a grant competition are reviewed by the Expert Council formed for each competition. These Councils include representatives of the Foundation and experts whose number and qualifications are proposed by the program manager and approved by the Foundation’s president. After a careful analysis of each application, the Council decides which ones to support or reject. All of the Council’s decisions are recorded. These decisions are final and are not subject to reconsideration or disclosure. Information about the winners of each competition is provided in open access format by the Foundation.
What can applicants do if they are dissatisfied with the results of the competition?
Based on the Foundation’s internal policies regarding grant competitions, the reasons for providing or withholding financial support for a given project are not disclosed. We recommend that you consider attending our information sessions and pay more attention to the quality of your application next time around. Keep an eye out on notices of new grant competitions and don’t give up.
Is there any other way to get funding from the Foundation besides the grant competitions?
The Foundation provides grants to projects only within the framework of programs that are currently being funded by our donors. Such projects must be in line with the Foundation’s priorities, the goals of the given program, and the available budget. In short, we are not in a position to provide grants to support initiatives that are submitted to us outside a competition.
If there are currently no active grant competitions, what other kinds of support is available for our organization’s or community’s activities?
As part of its programs, the Foundation offers CSOs, activists and local government agencies a broad range of support, in addition to grants. This includes courses, technical assistance, expert support, and so on, depending on the specific program involved. Check out the list of programs that the Foundation is currently implementing. If a program’s themes and geographic reach match your project, you can contact us for further information.