The Digital Transformation Index

The Digital Transformation Index of Ukrainian Communities was presented on 14 July. The research will be conducted within the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Deloitte.

The Digital Transformation Index of Ukrainian Communities is a study of the digital development level of communities and their readiness for digital transformation. It will help the government identify problem areas and create a high-quality digital development plan for the coming years.

The Index results will determine communities’ digital maturity level – from the baseline to transformational.

Communities will be assessed in five categories:

  1. Digital economy. Does the community promote high-quality information technology and the development of the IT ecosystem?
  2. Development of the population’s digital skills. What is the digital literacy and support level for citizens who want to develop in IT?
  3. Digital infrastructure. What percentage of the community is provided with the Internet network? Does it have digital hubs/coworking spaces?
  4. Digitalisation of public services. Do residents use online services? Do they visit ASCs?
  5. Digital transformation of local governments. What level of digital skills do local government representatives have? Do they receive training in digital literacy?

‘The Community Digital Transformation Index will help create roadmaps for each community to strengthen and accelerate the development of a digital state. The assessment results will allow the centres to see their strengths and weaknesses and develop the digital services needed in their region accordingly. As well as digital education and the economy, which will facilitate the investment flow for local projects’, said Valeriia Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation on European Integration.

From now on, the ranking of communities based on the Index results will be published annually. Viktor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation, comments on why this is important:

‘Thanks to the ranking, we will be able to assess the digital maturity of communities and reduce the digital divide in the regions. The index will help the Ministry of Digital Transformation identify communities needing additional attention and develop a systematic approach to regional digitalisation. The ranking will also identify digitalisation leaders who will share best practices. All of this is, in particular, to ensure that residents of remote villages and large cities have equal access to public services, live in comfort, and are included. This is of utmost importance for East Europe Foundation and the EGAP Program.’

‘I am confident that the Digital Transformation Index will help Ukraine reach a new level of community development. Switzerland will always be there to support digitalisation efforts’, said Andreas Huber, Director of the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine.

By 2024, the Index should help the country achieve its digital transformation strategic goals. These include engaging 6 million Ukrainians in a digital skills programme and digitising 100% of public services for citizens and businesses.

For more information on the Index structure, please follow the link:

The research is conducted by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and Deloitte with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by East Europe Foundation.