E-Queue Launched on SVOI Platform

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Law of Ukraine On Administrative Services, the EGAP program launched the E-Queue module for residents to schedule appointments with municipal authorities on the SVOI platform.

How it works:

  1. Citizens can make an appointment for any time available within two weeks at any municipal institution using the SVOI website or SVOI Chatbot.
  2. The administrator will see the visitor records at SVOI Platform or SVOI Chatbot and will understand who will come today. For example, Dmytro Ivanovych will apply for a subsidy, and Serhiy will apply for a passport.
  3. Residents will be reminded about the visit on the day of the appointment via the Chatbot.

SVOI Chatbot is a messenger-based application to inform community residents about important events and also to provide an opportunity to use the E-Democracy tools, such as E-Petitions, Community Participatory Budget, E-Survey, among others.

SVOI Chatbot is currently available in two messengers:

Currently, 257 communities and almost 40 thousand users have already connected to the platform.

The Chatbot is user friendly so that even people from vulnerable groups can easily navigate through it.  All smartphone users will definitely be able to use it. Help make interaction between community residents and local authorities easy and transparent.

The service was created within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, which is implemented by the East Europe Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and funded by Switzerland.