School Participatory Budget

Over 5,000 citizens voted online to express their support for the projects within the School Participatory Budget.

What is this tool?

School Participatory Budget is a tool designed to give both schoolchildren and adults the opportunity to have an impact on budget decisions at their schools.

Who can vote?

Not only school students, but also adult community residents can vote to support their favorite idea, as part of the DECIDE Project (Decentralization for the Development of Democratic Education).

Schoolchildren can vote using paper ballots whereas adults vote online through the e-DEM system at the link:

This year, the School Participatory Budget will consider not only pressing needs of the school improvement, but also the needs of the community in general.

Voting has already taken place in 12 communities throughout three regions: Poltava, Odesa and Ivano-Frankivsk. Over 5,000 adults voted online for the projects within the School Participatory Budget. As far as kids’ voting is concerned, the vote count is still ongoing.

The most popular projects are as follows: School Yard as a Playground of My Dreams and Territory of Joy (Kiliya community); Oasis Lounge Zone (Halych community); and, Volleyball ECO Sports Field (Machukhy community). This year, these communities were leading in the online voting.

Voting for School Participatory Budget projects takes place with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation with funds from Switzerland.