Updates to SVOI Platform

New pages have appeared on SVOI Platform. The community website now offers the possibility to discover news by hashtags, add information about public self-organisation bodies, or refer to the ‘Beehive’ system.

SVOI platform is a website builder and chatbot for citizens to interact with local authorities. They offer simple functionality that can be mastered by everyone who knows how to use a smartphone. The chatbot is available in two messengers: Viber (viber://pa?chatURI=smartownbot) and Telegram (

Three new pages have also appeared on the website:

  1. ‘Urban planning’ to provide news, publications, and regulatory instruments on the relevant topics. Master plans for communities’ territories may also be uploaded here.
  2. Public self-organisation bodies’ — addresses, telephone numbers or other information about the representative bodies of community residents (house, street, district committees, etc.) can be found on this page.
  3. ‘Beehive’ is a page for small ASCs that operate within this information system. Beehive allows handling of applications and documents, has a directory of applicants and a local register of addresses, and also supports proper operation if online connection goes down. Instructions on connecting to the system are available here:

We have also compiled FAQs on using SVOI Platform, available at This list may already have an answer to your question.

342 communities throughout Ukraine currently use SVOI Platform. You are welcome to join too!

SVOI Platform was created under the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.