Coworking Zone for IDPs in Dnipro

Due to a complicated humanitarian situation in Luhansk oblast caused by the full-scale russian invasion, the residents had to move to safer regions of Ukraine. 

A lot of these people do not have a possibility or cannot afford to buy office equipment and set up a workplace. So the coworking will provide the internally displaced persons with a comfortable work environment since it will serve as a multi-functional space which will also allow them to:

  • conduct seminars, lectures, workshops, and classes (of psychologists, rehabilitation specialists, financiers, and lawyers)
  • take advantage of a lab for business ideas training and implementation, language school, and a consulting and diagnostic center
  • learn more about digital literacy, the use of social media, and e-democracy tools
  • have your preschool kids attend classes: courses on child development and socialization for kids of internally displaced families up to 6 years old will be provided
  • get retrained, acquire a new profession and extra income 
  • attend psychology seminars and trainings

The center will be convenient for internally displaced persons, representatives of businesses, regional authorities, NGOs, youth, kids, and older adults. Come visit the coworking at the address: Dnipro, 41 Voskresenska Street.

EGAP Program is implemented by East Europe Foundation and supported by Switzerland.