3 years of services for IEs in Diia

Today, an individual entrepreneur may be registered in Diia from the
comfort of home. The service is fully automated, without any need to
involve a state registrar. It takes only 1.6 seconds from filling out an
application to being registered!

Ukrainians have used the IE services on the Diia portal more than 1
million times! And this is not surprising. Indeed, more than 93% of users
are happy with online services for businesses!

— I have used the IE automatic registration service in Diia. What other
options for businesses are available?

  • change the citizenship
  • change the types of economic activities (NACE codes)
  • update contact information, full name, or address
  • wind down the IE business

In 2022, 69% of entrepreneurs opened their own business through Diia.
This year, 91% of IEs register online.

By the way, 117,000 new businesses have appeared in Ukraine since the
full-scale invasion. The highest number of IEs was registered in October,
one of the most troublesome months in terms of the number of massive
missile attacks.

Thanks to automation, the service saves the State 12.4 man-years!

Previously, it took each state registrar at least 20 minutes to process
manually a single application. This time is now being channelled towards
more complicated tasks.

The IE services were developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation
together with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine with support from the
Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Programme implemented by the Eastern Europe