Child’s residence register extract

Child’s residence register extract is available on the Diia portal. Previously, the service was only available in the app.

You can now get a ‘certificate of registration’ for your child without any queues or red tape. An electronic document can be generated on the portal in just a minute.

What should I do to obtain a child’s residence register extract?

1. Log in to the Diia portal.

2. Find the Help and Extracts menu item in the Services section, and click on the Residence Register Extract.

3. Select the child’s residence register extract from the list.

4. Enter the series and number of the child’s birth certificate.

Important! The document will be generated if information about the child is available in the Register of the territorial community.

The residence register extract available in Diia contains a unique QR code that allows you to verify the authenticity of the document and check the information in other registers. This will save time, for example, when processing documents for the child’s departure abroad, which is quite relevant nowadays.

For a list of other documents that you may need in order to cross the border with a child, please read the post by the lawyers and our partners from R2P Charity Foundation at the following address:

 The service was developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, State Migration Service of Ukraine with support from the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation.