Cancellation of car sharing

Soon, not only will car owners be able to share vehicle registration
certificates with other persons, but also to cancel the use of their vehicles

The service is quite relevant during the war, allowing cars to be shared
temporarily, for example, to help loved ones leave the area of hostilities.

The service is currently in the beta-testing stage. To sign up, follow the

Eligible testers include:

  • car owners who use sharing services
  • rightful users of shared cars
  • interested citizens who have Diia.Pidpys

Important! Two persons are allowed to participate in beta testing — the
car owner and the driver designated as rightful user.
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The service was developed by the Ministry of Digital Transformation
together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the MIA’s
Main Service Centre with support from the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP
Program implemented by East Europe Foundation and Infotech
State Enterprise.