Educational Platform NAZK.Study

National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP, NAZK from Ukrainian) and East Europe Foundation presented Educational Platform NAZK.Study. 

NAZK.Study ( is an educational platform where everyone can take free online courses on anti-corruption topics.

“NACP as a body responsible for formation and dissemination of a culture of integrity developed the Strategy of Zero Tolerance to Corruption. This is the first document in Ukraine that offers an integral vision of how to change the culture of Ukrainians and make Ukrainian society truly virtuous. Education and informational activities are some of the key areas of our work, so the creation of NAZK.Study Platform is an important step toward the implementation of the above-mentioned Strategy,” – said NACP Head Oleksandr Novikov. 

A sociological survey of citizens proved that there is a huge problem of a lack of awareness among Ukrainians on which situations are corrupt and which are not. The Platform was created to change this situation. 

“To fight corruption, it is important that citizens understand how the state or local budget is formed, from where the funds are allocated for a new playground or a kindergarten. Educational courses on NAZK.Study Platform aim to form zero tolerance for corruption, change the “I don’t care” attitude. A healthy society is a responsibility of each of us,” – says EEF President Viktor Liakh. 

Head of the Integrity Office of NACP Viktoriia Kozachenko emphasizes the uniqueness of the Platform. According to Ms. Kozachenko, the Educational Platform of NACP is the biggest base of courses about anti-corruption and integrity. 

For whom will the Educational Platform be useful? 

The Platform will be handy for employees of state and local authorities, those who work on anti-corruption activities, youth, educators, representatives of political parties, and all who want to know more about anti-corruption and integrity. 

What courses are already available to take on the Educational Platform?

To date, the following online courses and educational series are available on the Platform:

  • “Anti-Corruption and Integrity for All” – a new online course from the Integrity Office of NACP put in simple words will answer the key questions and provide basic knowledge and handy tools to prevent and fight corruption
  • “Integrity Online” – an educational cartoon series covering the topic of countering disinformation and fakes
  • “Integrity Offline: How to Behave Wisely during the War” an educational cartoon series covering the types of explosive items and the rules of conduct around them.
  • “Influence Unmask!» – an online course teaching how to correctly report corruption and notice it.
  • “Conflict of Interests in Simple Words” – educational series covering conflict of interests in public services. 
  • “Parties Reporting in Ukraine and POLITDATA e-Register” – an online course for the representatives of political parties and those who want to find out more about parties reporting in Ukraine and POLITDATA e-Register. 
  • “Honest Teacher Handbook” – educational series covering specific situations at school related to the topic of integrity. 

How to register?

To use the platform, all interested should register on the website

This way, you will be able to sign up for educational courses, access related materials, track your progress, and receive certificates.

Courses are convenient – you can be completing them at any time using your computer or smartphone.

Educational Platform NAZK.Study was created with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program which is being implemented by East Europe Foundation.

You can find the Platform presentation recording here: