Energy Independence

Solar panel equipment has been installed in the ASCs of Volyn’s digital communities under the ASC Energy Independence Project of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program.

Backup power has been provided to the Centers of Zymne, Vyshniv, Shatska, Smidyn, Liubeshiv and Volodymyr. It will soon be installed in Lutsk and Novovolynsk communities.

What is the benefit of the ASC Energy Independence Project?

Last fall and winter presented yet another challenge for Ukrainians. Using massive missile strikes, the enemy not only sought to kill thousands of citizens, but also to cut Ukraine off from the civilized world by destroying its power grid.

As of now, ASCs in the EGAP pilot communities will be able to operate regardless of the situation across the entire Ukrainian power network. They will receive backup power from solar panels installed on the roofs.

This solution will ensure uninterrupted delivery of administrative services to residents in the event of repeated shelling of critical infrastructure and will save public funds in the summer, because ASCs will receive electricity from the sun.

Energy independence of ASCs is about energy saving, quick access to public services under any conditions, and new approaches to the digitalization of Ukraine.

The ASC Energy Independence Project is part of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by East Europe Foundation.