Mriia App Beta Testing

Ukraine launched beta testing of the Mriia Educational App designed to transform the educational process and help students achieve their learning objectives. 

Starting from today, the new Educational Application Mriia will be piloted accross Ukrainian schools. The App is intended to revolutionize the educational process and help students ensure their academic performance.

Teachers, children and parents from 40 schools in Kyiv and six regions of Ukraine were selected to run the Mriia App beta testing. Together with the Mriia team, they will test the functionality and provide feedback so that every school that wants to use the App can start using it this year. 

«We are lanching digital transformation of the Ukrainian education», said Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology Development, Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. «This will make the learning process more efficient for the largest educational audience – more than 10 million students, parents and teachers. Subsequently, we will scale up the project to cover all parts of the educational system: pre-school, extracurricular activities, vocational and higher education, and adult learning. In this way, the outdated paradigm of “getting a diploma” will be replaced by continuous learning».

The Mriia App beta testing in the school environment will take place in three stages. First, the App functionality will be tested. Participants will go through the full user journey and explore how the Mriia App and web version work: from logging in and filling in the journal to chats, notifications and academic performance scores.

The second stage is designed to assist with preparation for the school year. Mriia coaches will go from one school to another to conduct workshops to help educators with the Mriia App implementation. Together with the coaches, teachers will fill in calendar plans and timetables and learn how to use Mriia quickly and effectively. 

The third stage is testing the App in the actual school environment. It will be the first time ever Mriia App is used throughout the school year in 40 selected schools. 

«Mriia is a new experience for all education stakeholders», said Oksen Lisovyi, Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine. «Mriia will enable students to manage their studies using modern technologies and without unnecessary stress. Parents will know what their children like and do best, and where they need support and attention. For teachers, Mriia will simplify their regular routine so that they have more time for child development».

Students are invited to try out the first-ever digital education document, Mriia ID, together with the learning tracker, a day plan and a list of tasks with deadlines. Besides, they will have an access to the library of content by interest. Schoolchildren will be able to use Signal-based chats to communicate with classmates and teachers. 

Parents will be able to check the dynamics and statistics of their child’s achievements, schedule, grades and homework. In addition, they will be able to use the library of recommended content and access secure chats on Signal to exchange with the class teacher and other instructors and parents.

Teachers will have access to the school calendar, timetable, journal, homework, professional development library, and secure Signal-based chats to communicate with students and parents. 

Once beta testing is completed, Mriia will be available to all Ukrainian schools.

«I believe that innovations in education can ensure Ukraine’s success, our competitiveness, and the ability to overcome the challenges we will face after the victory», said Victor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation. «This is what Mriia is all about. Innovative and digital solutions are at the heart of this project. This opinion is shared by our partners – the Swiss government, through which we are implementing our flagship EGAP Program. and within which we support the progressive initiatives of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and other government agencies».

The Mriia Project was initiated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy. It is being implemented by the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as part of the EGAP Program, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation with funds from Switzerland.