LLC Automatic Registration

On Ukraine’s Independence Day, a new service was launched on the DIIA online portal: registration of an LLC.

Earlier, to register an LLC company, it was required to visit a state registrar. Since October 2020, 13,000 Ukrainians have used the service.  

The service has been simplified. You can open your own limited liability company in a few minutes without collecting documents and bureaucracy.

How to register an LLC on the DIIA portal:

  •     Log in to the portal;
  •     Complete an application for LLC registration and provide the required data;
  •     Sign the application using an electronic signature;
  •     When you complete the above, the system will automatically generate and forward your application for an LLC registration.

The LLC will be registered automatically if the application meets all the conditions. If it does not meet at least one of the conditions, registration happens with the help of the online state registrar within one business day.

The service was created by the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Justice with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program and implemented by East Europe Foundation.