Coworking space for displaced children

An innovative educational and development center for children and youth has been opened in Dnipro for displaced persons from the Luhansk Oblast.

 In the coworking space at digital literacy courses, children will be able to learn how to use a computer or graphic tablet. Teenagers, meanwhile, will be able to connect to school online and do their homework even if they have no gadgets or electricity at home.

 The center was inaugurated during a blackout, thus providing an opportunity for an operating test on the spot. The children looked happy because they had long been waiting for a chance to play computer games or master a graphic tablet.

 The center was set up on the basis of an IDP shelter in Dnipro, which was founded after February 24 by displaced persons from the Luhansk Oblast. Now, in addition to free shelter, food, and legal advice, new residents of the community will be able to engage children in exciting and fun training. In collaboration with the EGAP Program, the Shelter intends to launch computer literacy lessons for displaced senior citizens in the future.

 The project was launched with support from the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation, in partnership with the Luhansk IDP Shelter and Luhansk Oblast Military Administration.