A course on Participatory Budgeting on the Zrozumilo! Platform
participatory budgeting

A course on “How to Create Your Own Draft Participatory Budgeting” has been released on the Zrozumilo! online platform. It consists of eight lectures discussing participatory budgeting, rules for project proposal drafting and conducting a successful awareness-raising campaign for the project to win.

Course Outline:

Lecture 1. What is participatory budgeting

Lecture 2. Draft proposal components

Lecture 3. Other components of the proposal

Lecture 4. Estimate

Lecture 5. Preliminary moderation

Lecture 6. Collecting votes for the project

Lecture 7. Follow-up and life after the project

Lecture 8. Results analysis

The course will be useful for community activists, representatives of local governments, and citizens who aspire to influence local government decisions. 

As noted by Ivan Kopychenko, Coordinator of the EGAP Program in Odesa Oblast, this course is aimed at “Guiding people through all stages of project creation and answering the most popular questions.”

The main value of the course is simplicity and accessibility. “People thought it was a tool exclusively for those involved in the local government. Something similar to a regular procurement procedure or tender. There was no understanding that this was a tool for ordinary people, that everyone could submit their ideas and change their community for the better. It had to be done so that anyone could get the necessary information while eating delicious borscht, relaxing with a cup of coffee, or cleaning the apartment,” says Ivan Kopychenko.

To recall, the Participatory Budgeting is an e-democracy tool that allows citizens to propose their own projects and receive budget funds for their implementation.

The online course is prepared within the framework of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by East Europe Foundation.