Launching the USR extract service

An extract from the Unified State Register (USR, EDRPOU in Ukrainian) is among the most popular document types for entrepreneurs, who need it for entering into contracts and obtaining banking services. Previously, in order to obtain a document, one had to contact a registrar or notary, to visit an ASC (administrative service centre), to pay an administrative fee at the bank and then to spend up to 24 hours waiting for the document. 

Now there is no need to wait 24 hours or waste time in queues at government agencies. After all, ordering a USR extract when you have lost a document or just want to renew it is now a matter of a few clicks. 

 Benefits of this service:

  • obtaining extracts online without visiting government institutions in person
  • UAH 90 instead of UAH 120
  • one can pay for the service with a card transfer right there on the Diia portal

We are already seeing the first results of launching the service. In less than two weeks, more than 1,500 entrepreneurs ordered an extract from the USR on the Diia portal, and they did so quickly and without waiting in queues at government agencies.

The service was created with the support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, which is being implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.