E-Services for Youth Launched

Starting from 2024, applications for youth exchange programs can be submitted online. The e-system, which includes the “Competition of International Youth Exchange Projects” service, was introduced at the “New Digital Opportunities for Youth” conference on June 18.

This system aims to simplify the procedures for submitting and processing competitive applications. It is a result of the collaboration between the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, implemented by East Europe Foundation.

Andriy Chesnokov, Deputy Minister, and Oleksandra Radchenko, coordinator of the e-Democracy component of the EGAP Program, welcomed the conference attendees, who represented various youth structures and organizations.

“Youth is our present, especially given these dark times for Ukraine. Young people make up a third of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. Their heroic deeds make such projects possible, and we implement them in the digital field in cooperation with East Europe Foundation,” Andriy Chesnokov stated.

“We all need to do our best to provide our youth with opportunities to learn, develop, and implement their ideas.” Oleksandra Radchenko added.

Lilia Shkyra, a representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, mentioned that more than 19,000 individuals participated in youth exchange programs from 2016 to 2023, making the electronic system a convenient and useful tool for many young people. 

The conference also featured the presentation of a new website for the Ukrainian Youth Fund, developed within the EGAP Program. From now on, the website will provide information about current grants and programs, stages of competitive selections, news, upcoming events, and more.

“The Ukrainian Youth Fund has been established as a platform that provides opportunities for young people to receive grants from both national and international organizations and partners,” Dmytro Tverdokhlib, Director of the Fund, stated.

A video from the event is available at

The event was organized with the support of the EGAP Program, implemented by East Europe Foundation and financed by Switzerland, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Youth Fund.