Electronic School Diaries

The system of Electronic School Diaries for Students and Tutors was proven successful in 121 other schools that implemented it. Educational process was further digitized in four regions of Ukraine: Volyn, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk and Vinnitsa.

Since 2020, we are working to assist educational institutions with transitioning to online diaries for students and dashboard electronic school journals for teachers. More than 150 educational institutions in the pilot regions have switched to using these digital tools. 

What is an E-Diary and E-Journal? 

Both E-Diary and E-Journal represent a modern digital toolkit that provides access to students’ grades, attendance and school timetables 24/7.

The system of Electronic School Diaries is designed to facilitate the experience of the following users: 

  • School administration;
  • Teachers;
  • Students; and
  • Parents.

Both online tools have proven to:

  • allow educators focus less on paper documentation and more on lesson preparation;
  • help students learn effectively without missing classes due to illness;
  • automate the collection, processing and storage of information;
  • develop digital competence and information culture for all stakeholders in the educational process;
  • make sure information about the child’s progress is always available to parents.

The system was implemented by Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Justice with support of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by East Europe Foundation.