Mobile Suitcases in Odesa region

Our project to equip communities with mobile digital suitcases continues in our pilot regions. Recently, Chornomorsk and Bilyaivka communities in Odesa region received this modern digital equipment.

A mobile digital suitcase is a mobile workstation enabling staff members of the Center for  Administrative Services to work in the fields. Should community residents be unable to come to the Center for Administrative Services due to health or other reasons, administrative officers would come to communities to provide all the services citizens need.

What is the content of the mobile digital suitcase?

  • Laptop with 3G modem;
  • Compact printer and a mini scanner;
  • Power bank;
  • Payment terminal to process documents and provide administrative services on-site.

However, to effectively deliver administrative services on-site, it is not enough to provide the community with equipment alone.

As part of the Project, we also offer training sessions for communities featuring case studies of best practices across Administrative Centers that are already using such digital suitcases. We are striving to expand this service additionally by offering the transport vehicle to get around with this suitcase, security and a package of documents to ensure all work is conducted on legal grounds.

For any community to be able to use this secure ‘James Bond case’, the EGAP Program, together with experts, developed a special guide:

In Odesa region, we plan that the next community to receive this equipment will be Safyanivka.

The Project was developed as part of the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with funds from Switzerland.