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The Shelter Project: assistance to internally displaced people

As of June 2022, there are 15,7 million Ukrainians who need help. 7,1 million of them are internally displaced. 

Relying on its network of partner non-governmental organizations, East Europe Foundation, since the very first days of the war, has been implementing the Shelter Project aimed at providing emergency help to these people.

Together with partners, we furnish shelters and provide internally displaced persons with food, hygienic items, and psychological support. To complete these works, we raise funds from international organizations and companies as well as from private donors; we complete the entire cycle of works related to reception, transfer, and distribution of humanitarian aid cargos.

As of May 2022, we provided help to 65 000 Ukrainians. In 9 oblasts of Ukraine, we supported the establishment of 30 shelters for internally displaced persons and transferred 217 tons of humanitarian aid to 15 oblasts. You can find more information on our previous activities here

During May and June, our work within the Shelter Project was supported by several international donors (particularly by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Kyiv, Fondation de France, Sy Syms Foundation). Thanks to this support, EEF has an opportunity to expand the range of non-profit and charity organizations that efficiently support those affected by war in their communities. 

We are grateful to all organizations and people who supported and keep supporting the Shelter Project  – financially, logistically, informationally, and by providing humanitarian cargo. You can join our effort in the following ways: 

  1. by sending humanitarian aid 
  2. by transferring funds to a special emergency fund (you can find details for transfers in UAH, USD, and EUR here)

For more information, contact us at

With your support, we will win!

Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦

Program news
Shelter is the Winning Program
East Europe Foundation’s Program to help internally displaced persons in Ukraine won the Third place at the National Competition, Charitable Ukraine-2022
Online Course for NGO
East Europe Foundation created the course Together We Are Stronger: Five Steps to Success of a Public Organization to strengthen civil society in Ukraine.
From Denmark with Care
One of the main donors of the Shelter Program was the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Ukraine. Here is our story about what we managed to do thanks to our partners.
Shelter Program: One Year in Numbers
In March 2022, EEF directed all its resources, skills and knowledge to help Ukrainians who fled the war. To find out what and how we accomplished, refer to our report.
We Continue Providing Grants
We never stops helping Ukrainians. Recently, we funded three NGOs under the Shelter Program that supports IDPs throughout Ukraine.
Grants for Humanitarian Aid
Two more organizations to assist IDPs in Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions as part of the Shelter Program.
Shelter Program: grants
More than ten villages in Kherson, Chernihiv and Chernivtsi regions will receive humanitarian aid within the framework of the Shelter Program.
Grants for Humanitarian Aid
As part of the Shelter Program, we have selected five new grantees to help IDPs in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Kyiv regions.
Three grants for psychological support
In addition to equipping shelters and providing food and non-food supplies to IDPs, we, at East Europe Foundation, care greatly about the mental wellbeing of the Ukrainians.
Shelter Program geography has expanded
East Europe Foundation will award grants to five organizations as part of the Shelter Program. Together, we will continue to support forcibly displaced persons and those who have suffered as a result of hostilities.
More grants!
Four awards have been granted recently by East Europe Foundation within Shelter Program. We provide funds to support internally displaced persons.
Four more grants
Under the Shelter Program, East Europe Foundation awarded grants to implement four additional initiatives. The money will be used to support internally displaced persons.
Cooperation with French agency
We started our cooperation with an agency Fondation de France. The partners will fund humanitarian work within the Shelter Project.
Shelter Project in Numbers
How we managed to help 65 000 people in 2,5 months: we present EEF’s interim report for Shelter Project
Support at Lviv train station (video)
Volunteers, psychologists and doctors help people who came from active combat zones and ended up at the train station in Lviv
Kyiv Region Gradually Revives
Social School Enterprise “School Hive” Resumes Its Work
Lviv oblast is helping
Recently our partners from Lviv Regulatory Hub delivered sets of food, hygienic products, kids clothing, and toys to the accommodations for internally displaced persons within the Shelter Project.
ЛРХ допомагає переселенцям
The Shelter Project in Volyn Oblast
NGO "Volyn Institut of Law" joins the Shelter project and will support shelters in two communities in Volyn oblast
Луцьк, Волинська область
Humanitarian Aid from Slovakia and Czech Republic
The aid was transferred to the residents of Bucha, Vorzel, Hostomel, Kharkiv oblast, Sumy, and to the hospitals of Kyiv and Chernihiv
New partner for the Shelter Project
NGO InSource joins Shelter project and helps shelters in Ternopil oblast
Облаштування прихистку на Тернопільщині
Support for shelters in Carpathian region
NGO "STAN" helps shelters of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast with the equipment
ГО СТАН передає шелтерам Івано-Франківщини обладнання за сприяння Фонду Східна Європа
France supports Ukraine
2 Thousand Euros Were Raised during the Charity Breakfast
The "Shelter" Project in Rivne oblast
Last week the aid cargos from Civil network Opora/Rivne, with the assistance of Harcerski Hufiec "Wołyń" and East Europe Foundation, were transferred to their destinations
ОПОРА/Рівне та Фонд Східна Європа працюють разом в межах проєкту Шелтер
New donations for the Shelter Project
American NGO CNFA donate 20,000 dollars for the unternally displaced persons
Пожертви на допомогу переселенцям в Україні
Hearts to support Ukraine
Eight-year-old girl Michelle, who lives in England, sews and sells hearts with the Ukrainian flag on it to support IDPs in Ukraine
Мікеле з Англії шиє сердечка на підтримку України
Sweet Charity for Ukraine
Ten-year-old twins from England, Miri and Leila, organized a charity sale of sweets to support internally displaced persons in Ukraine
Благодійний продаж смаколиків для допомоги ВПО з України
Equipment for shelters in Vinnytsia Oblast
Within the Shelter Project, IDP support centers in Vinnytsia Oblast received washing machines, tumble dryers, hairdryers, and kitchen equipment
Обладнання для Шелтеру на Вінниччині
We are helping to ATC of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
Withi the Shelter project, equipment for the shelters was delivered to three communities of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
Допомога для прихистків Івано-Франківщини
Two more CSOs are implementing “Shelter”
East Europe Foundation within the Shelter Project has financed activities of two more public organizations that provide help to internally displaced persons
We implement “Shelter” Project in the regions
The first CSOs from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv and Vinnytsia oblasts have received funding to help IDPs
Проєкт Шелтер почали реалізовувати у трьох областях
Solidarity truck
The University of Murcia sent the first truck with humanitarian help to East Europe Foundation
Utensils that warm
Retail network “Eldorado” donated UAH 470 000 worth of supplies to East Europe Foundation
“Shelter” received support from Georgia
$19 970 was received from the partners of Eurasia Foundation Network to help internally displaced persons
The first donations for “Shelter”
Danish company NREP donated €89 900 to help Ukrainians who had to flee from their homes
Евакуаційний потяг