We Continue Providing Grants

Can there be too much help? In the face of war and humanitarian crisis, definitely not. That is why the Foundation continues to actively work within the Shelter Program.

 Three new grants were allocated to nongovernmental organizations from Kherson and Donetsk regions and one nongovernmental organization that provides support to refugee shelters in the Vinnytsia, Dnipropetrovsk and Zhytomyr regions.

NGO Alternative Journalist Union will deliver 18 tons of food from local producers to de-occupied villages in the Kherson region within a month. Each ton of product will be distributed to 150 large and low-income families in 12 villages; retired citizens; people with disabilities; and, internally displaced persons. Eighteen hundred households and 5,000 people will receive assistance. Grant amount: UAH 999,820.

NGO Tvory Dobropillia in the Donetsk region will provide supplies to citizens who have suffered because of Russia’s invasion. During the month, 500 families will receive assistance in the form of hygiene products and household chemicals. Another 250 families will receive diapers for children and 200 families will receive diapers for adults. Grant amount: UAH 697,640.

NGO Pravopolis will improve living conditions for internally displaced people in shelters in the Hnatkiv village in the Vinnytsia region; in the Pokrovska community in the Dnipropetrovsk region; and, in the city of Berdychiv in the Zhytomyr region. Additional beds and storage systems will be installed and the premises will be upgraded to meet sanitary and hygiene requirements. And, food units and the dining room will be equipped with necessary appliances for preparing and storing food.

We thank the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine for supporting the Shelter Program.