Shelter Program: grants

Back in the spring, the town of Chornobaivka became legendary for having withstood countless Russian attacks thanks to the valiant Armed Forces of Ukraine. Yet, a lot of houses in the area were ruined, and the destruction caused by endless shelling continues. Struggling residents of Chornobaivka and other Kherson communities need our help.

To assist local communities, we identified several care providers in Kherson, Chernihiv and Chernivtsi regions within the Shelter Program. Here are our new grantees:

  1. NGO Alternative Journalist Union will deliver six tons of food products from local farms to 900 households in the de-occupied villages n Kherson region, in particular, Stanislav, Chornobaivka, Komyshany, Zelenivka, Antonivka, Kyzomys, Veletenske. The foodstuffs will be distributed among the most vulnerable groups, such as multi-child and low-income families, elderly persons, people with disabilities and internally displaced persons. Grant amount: UAH 339,869.20.

  2. Ugledar Development Agency will support Druzhkivka boarding school for children with mental disabilities currently relocated to the Chernivtsi region. The care provider will equip a sensory lounge with bean bags, a playhouse, and an orthopedic puzzle mat. The grantee will also deliver study and leisure sets for 225 children living in Chernivtsi orphanages. The Agency will involve psychologists to conduct group sessions for adults and children. Grant amount: UAH 339,869.20.

  3. Nongovernmental organization LAMPA will deliver hygiene products and cleaning supplies to 750 persons from vulnerable groups in Chernihiv region: refugees, people whose property was destroyed due to shelling, families of the fallen defenders of Ukraine and others.  Grant amount: UAH 339,869.20.

We thank the Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine for supporting the Shelter Program.

Photo: The Ivanov family from Kherson. Author: Serhii Korovainyi