Support at Lviv train station (video)

During the first days of the war, the Center for Medical and Psychological Help was launched at Lviv Railway Station. The team of more than 600 psychologists, doctors, and volunteers provides 24/7 support to adults and children who arrive from the areas of active hostilities.

Every day, up to 30 thousand people receive help. The main aim of this initiative is to provide physical and psychological stabilization, however, people can also receive food and hot drinks and even get advice on accommodation and so on.    

Professional psychologists, students, civil servants, leaders of public associations, and scholars are volunteering for this project. People of different professions, age, and social status who decided that their knowledge and skill will be handy here, at the railway station, took the initiative to help. 

Find out more about their important and sometimes touching work in the video of the TV channel ТРК Перший західний.

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The medical and psychological help project is implemented by NGO “Wings of Hope” in partnership with the Lviv Regional Military Administration supported by East Europe Foundation and funded by the European Union.