Shelter Program: One Year in Numbers

The full-scale Russia invasion has destroyed all the plans, dreams and peaceful lives of millions of Ukrainians. On February 24, 2022, the Big War shook the entire world and affected every family in Ukraine.

For the Foundation’s team, it also took some time to recover from the initial shock of the Big War, but then we moved quickly into action.

At the beginning of March 2022, we launched the Shelter Program to support Ukrainians who fled Russia’s hostilities and to provide them with everything they need.

All the Foundation’s connections, skills, a well-coordinated team and 15 years of profound experience were directed at the implementation of this vital program. Financial support was provided by both major international partners and thousands of private donors around the world.

Over the year of the Shelter Program implementation, we managed to help almost 75,000 Ukrainians, equip 65 shelters in 14 regions of Ukraine, deliver and distribute 275 tons of humanitarian aid.

The Shelter Program became our response to all the hardships Russia made our fellow Ukrainians go through. This is a large-scale, significant and very important initiative, in which almost the entire team of East Europe Foundation was involved, and which we are undoubtedly proud of.

To mark one year of the Program implementation, we prepared a report in which we told what and how we accomplished.

 We are grateful to everyone who joined the Shelter Program, and everyone who trusted us. In the meantime, we continue to work hard to bring us closer to victory while helping those who are endangered by the war.

Funding was provided by the European Union, Eurasia Foundation, Sy Syms Foundation, Europe Foundation Georgia, CNFA Europe, Center for Liberal Modernity (LibMod), The King Alfred School Society, Two Degrees ApS, Brücke der Hoffnung, Stiching Derdengelden, Eldorado retail chain, Fondation de France, Embassy of Denmark in Ukraine and, individual donors.