Lviv oblast is helping
ЛРХ допомагає переселенцям

Lviv oblast continues to welcome internally displaced Ukrainians. During the last few weeks, our partners from Львівський Регуляторний Хаб (Lviv Regulatory Hub) delivered more than 50 sets of food, hygienic products, kids clothing, and toys to the accommodations for internally displaced persons within the Shelter Project. The aid also included home and digital appliances to meet housekeeping and leisure needs.

Among the people who found shelter in Lviv oblast, there are mostly women with kids from Kyiv oblast, Mariupol, Kryvyi Rih, Mykolaiv, and other areas which are now under attack.

According to the people with whom we managed to communicate, most of them only managed to pack one suitcase, so they do not even have all the everyday items. Most of them lost their jobs and income, but some keep working remotely.

“In Lviv, we feel safer. Plus, the air-raid sirens do not sound constantly here unlike at home,” – the internally displaced people say.

Regardless of all the difficulties, the people stay strong, are grateful for the help, and believe in our victory. We also would like to say thanks to our partners and all those who support the Shelter Project with their donations!

Find out more about the Shelter Project and donate following the link.