France supports Ukraine

Аssociation “European Movement – France” organized charity breakfast to support Ukraine on March 30, during which they raised 2 thousand euros, and fundraising is still in process.

During the event, Ambassador of France to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins, representatives of humanitarian associations, and Ukrainians in France and Ukraine discussed the ways to support internally displaced persons and refugees.   

“We stand with Ukrainians to solve these issues in these hard times. We implement a number of clear-cut initiatives to help locally and are constantly in touch with our Ukrainian and French colleagues,” – says the Ambassador. 

East Europe Foundation President Victor Liakh and the Shelter Project assistant Olesia Savka took part in the charity breakfast virtually. 

“As of today, according to the UN data, there are up to 6,5 million internally displaced persons in Ukraine, and these numbers are constantly rising. According to prognosis, the war will affect 18 million of Ukrainians, while 7 million people will potentially lose their homes and become internally displaced persons. East Europe Foundation launched the Shelter Project at the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war to provide help to Ukrainians who lost their homes,” – said Victor Liakh in his video address to participants of the event. 

Victor Liakh added that the raised donations within the project were used to provide financial support to five NGOs that work in the regions with the biggest numbers of internally displaced persons. The funds were directed to equip the shelters, meet hygienic needs, ensure help with evacuation and transportation, coordinate humanitarian aid, and supply food, water, and medicines for the internally displaced persons.

You can find out more about the Shelter Project and support it financially following the link. You can also help internally displaced persons in one click on the Project’s page on GoFundMe.

You can find a recording of the charity breakfast for Ukraine here.