Grants for Humanitarian Aid

Every day of the Great War poses a threat not only to the military, but also to civilians. The threat is coming in multiple dimensions: not only physical and psychological, but also essential food supplies. Therefore, we must do more to help people in the war-affected areas or in the de-occupied territories.

We will provide funds to the following organizations:

Nongovernmental organization Tvory Dobropillia (Create Dobropillia) will deliver thermal underwear to 320 IDPs and people from vulnerable groups to help them survive through the heating season at risk. In addition to it, the grant funds will be used to supply hygiene products (washing powder, shampoos and bleaches) for 200 families in Donetsk region. Grant amount: UAH 337,900.00.

Yanholy Spasinnia (Angels of Salvation) Charitable Foundation will deliver food supplies to 675 persons living in the de-occupied territories of Donetsk and Kharkiv regions. The food packages will include butter, flour, cereals, stew, sugar, waffles, cookies, canned fish, tea, and condensed milk. Grant amount: UAH 321,700.00.

Nongovernmental organization Antykoruptsiinyi Rukh ‘Zaporizhzhia’ (Anti-Corruption Movement ‘Zaporizhzhia’) will supply food and hygiene kits for 600 IDPs. One-month supplies will include canned food, condensed milk, cereals, tea, coffee, butter, flour, sugar, dishwashing detergents, toothpaste, shampoo, and washing powder. Grant amount: UAH 339,301.00.

Nongovernmental organization Novyi sotsialnyi vektor (New Social Vector) will provide psychological assistance to 780 IDPs in Kyiv region. The team will conduct both individual and group sessions, as well as training courses for 200 professionals working with IDPs to help them build the skills of first socio-psychological aid and support in crisis situations. Grant amount: UAH 338,162.00.

Nongovernmental organization Local Development Support Fund will help 360 IDP households in Kharkiv region by providing essential supplies including oil, rice, pasta, instant coffee, condensed milk, canned meat, tea, sugar, cookies, as well as goods for children. Grant amount: 336 264,00 грн.

We thank the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in Kyiv for supporting the Shelter program.

Picture: George Ivanchenko