The first donations for “Shelter”
Евакуаційний потяг

The NREP company donated €89 900 for the implementation of “Shelter” Project which focuses on helping internally displaced Ukrainians who are now looking for a refuge in Ukraine and neighboring countries. 

NREP is a Danish company with eight offices in Europe which works with real estate. This is not the first time when the company helps Ukraine during this hard time. We are beyond grateful to the CEO, founder and Chair of NREP, Mikkel Bulow-Lehnsby, and his colleagues Sofia Hernesniemi Knudsen and Thure Krarup

Our fundraising is in process and we encourage everybody to distribute information about “Shelter” and contribute to it financially. 

Within the “Shelter” Project, EEF cooperates with a net of regional and local NGOs. Together with these, we provide systemic  help to internally displaced persons by taking care of recreation and daycare centers for IDPs as well as by providing food, medicines, and other essentials.  

You can find more details on the project and on how to donate on our website

Together to victory!