Life stories
Working for Victory
How Natalia Pokryshchuk led Illintsi Citizen Activity Center to become the community working so hard to near the victory
Brave and Strong in Spirit
A doctor from Donetsk oblast lost his home and workplace but found aspiration to keep working thanks to the grant financial support
We like it here, but we miss home
Vinnytsia oblast became a shelter for many internally displaced persons. We share some stories of people who found a temporary home here
Історії з Шелтеру
We moved on, assisting each other
Iryna tells how she left Chernihiv on the tenth day of war and found shelter in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
Пані Ірина з чоловіком, переселенці з Чернігівщини
The Civic Leadership Academy was the discovery of the year for me
How the Academy helped to find like-minded people and organize the first art festival in Sloviansk
At the Academy, I finally found myself
How did the Civic Leadership Academy help Oksana Kotikova, a volunteer from Mariupol, find herself
How coaching helped to listen to myself
Coaching often leads to quite unexpected results. How it is influenced community activist from Konotop Yevhen Pavlov – in this story
Євгеній Павлов
How to support CSO team during COVID-19
About materly leadership style and small improvements every month - the story of the project manager of the CSO "Peli can live"
Катерина Мірошніченко
After the Academy, just take it and do it
How the knowledge gained at the Civic Leadership Academy helps to make a dream come true
The discussion at the Academy is surprising and inspiring
How the Academy helped to understand that all "space" plans can be realized through the exchange of knowledge and experience
Coaching showed me how to think differently
Public activism and other main place of work. How to combine and how can coaching help? Read in the material.
The Academy spurred me to start moving
How studying at the Civic leadership academy helped Ludmila Absava, the head of the Global View NGO, hold the first-ever Kherson Zero Waste Eco-Festival
To overcome challenges and grow
How coaching can help to preserve the organisation and ensure its long-term growth.
Наталія Захарова
Coaching to help
How coaching helps to Irina Saranch, the Chair of the Board at NGO "Parostok", to overcome professional burnout
Ірина Саранча
Shkilniy Vulyk
How schoolkids in Kyiv Oblast tried commercial beekeeping—and succeeded
Overcoming the effects of the pandemic
How the EEF supported Ukraine’s legislature during the COVID-19 pandemic
The power of the public budget
How an activist saved her neighborhood from traffic accidents