Сommunity experience: Chervonohrad

Read about the life of the Chervonohrad community during the war, successful examples of communication between the local community and IDPs and cooperation with partner cities in an interview with Chervonohrad Mayor Andriy Zalivskyi for Interfax-Ukraine

Andriy Zalivskyi:

“Thanks to a former resident of Chervonohrad, Mr. Volodymyr Skvortsov, we managed to sign a memorandum of cooperation with the German city of Oldenburg. This is a new partnership, but we have been receiving a large amount of humanitarian aid from there.

Mr. Volodymyr, whom I mentioned, lived in Chervonohrad 20 years ago and now lives in Oldenburg. When the great war broke out, he decided to help Ukraine – he was engaged in a humanitarian mission and came to us regularly.

He was accompanied by five Germans who were not afraid and brought us goods. In total, there were 5-7 trucks. Now Volodymyr, his sister Olha, and other volunteers have created their own public organization, which still helps Ukraine.

His active stance encouraged the Oldenburg City Council to help Ukraine: they gave us an ambulance and other necessary things and plan to support us in the future.”

Read the interview on Interfax-Ukraine

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The interview was prepared within the framework of the joint special project of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency and the East Europe Foundation “Community Experience”, launched with the support of the Stiykist’ Programme, implemented by the East Europe Foundation in a consortium of NGOs led by ERIM (France) and funded by the European Union