Сommunity experience: Starobilsk

Read about the life of the Starobilsk community since the first month under occupation and plans for the post-war Ukrainian future in an interview with Yana Litvinova, head of the Starobilsk City Military Administration, on Interfax-Ukraine

Yana Litvinova:

“There are 650 children enrolled in the Starobilsk community’s remote school, and there is even a child from Crimea who is receiving Ukrainian education. Our children are now all over the world, but they want to get a Ukrainian education to return home to live and work in Ukraine.

It is important to say that our doctors at the relocated facilities in Dnipro and Rivne have received more than eight thousand IDPs in a multidisciplinary hospital since August last year and provided them with medical services. The same applies to primary care.

We continue to work, and we already have the minimum staff to resume work in the de-occupied territory.”

Read the interview on Interfax-Ukraine

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The interview was prepared within the framework of the joint special project of the Interfax-Ukraine news agency and the East Europe Foundation “Community Experience”, launched with the support of the Stiykist’ Programme, implemented by the East Europe Foundation in a consortium of NGOs led by ERIM (France) and funded by the European Union