Phoenix: Resilient Ukraine in the Time of War

The Ukrainian civil sector responded with lightning speed to numerous problems caused by the war and started to address them. However, public organizations have to adapt quickly, develop new competencies and areas of activity. At the same time, local non-governmental organizations are well aware of the context and issues of their target communities.

To support civil society, we at East Europe Foundation provide grants to non-governmental organizations to implement projects, develop useful technological solutions and promote their institutional development. In addition to it, we develop a number of online training courses.


The Phoenix Project is implemented by East Europe Foundation, funded by the European Union, and aimed at strengthening Ukrainian civil society to overcome the consequences of the war. The Project implementation period is from 2022 to 2024.

The Project objectives are as follows

  • respond to challenges that local non-governmental organizations face in meeting the needs of new residents of territorial communities and their communication with local authorities;
  • improve the resilience of communities hosting IDPs and displaced entrepreneurs;
  • contribute to capacity building of non-governmental organizations and improve their effectiveness through civic tech solutions;
  • provide training and professional development opportunities for non-governmental organizations and IDPs through three new online courses at Zrozumilo! Online Educational Platform; and provide grants for institutional development.

The Project consists of the following components

  • Online Training Program. We improve the professional competencies of civil sector actors and support projects that contribute to the capacity building of organizations. The Program component provides for both awareness-raising campaigns and the development of three online courses at Zrozumilo! Online Educational Platform.
  • Acceleration Program. We provide funding and mentoring support for implementing civic tech tools – digital solutions to improve the interaction between authorities and citizens of the communities, especially required at a wartime context.
  • Grant Support Program for Civic Initiatives. This component provides grant support for projects implemented by non-governmental organizations as well as a series of grants for institutional support.