New grants for NGOs

The East Europe Foundation has launched the Phoenix Project, funded by the European Union. The project will strengthen Ukraine’s public sector capacity to effectively work with internally displaced persons and host communities, involve youth and technology activists in solving local problems, and promote small and micro businesses.

In response to the full-scale Russian invasion, the European Union, among other aid and assistance to Ukraine, supports projects and programmes to strengthen the Ukrainian civil society sector and initiatives aimed at overcoming the challenges of a large-scale war. Among them is support for internally displaced persons and relocated organisations and communities that host them. A special feature of the Phoenix Project is significant attention to building the institutional potential of Ukrainian NGOs and useful technological solutions”, – said Martin Schroeder, Head of the Local and Human Development Section at the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

On February 16, a grant competition for more than UAH 11 million will commence within the project. It is expected that funds will be granted to up to 20 Ukrainian NGOs for the implementation of their initiatives. The grant size per organisation will vary between UAH 400,000 and UAH 800,000. The expected project implementation duration is up to six months.

Project grant proposals must help IDPs, including their social integration, employment, and mentoring support. Proposals will also support communities that host IDPs; develop effective models for recovery of relocated small and micro-businesses, including social entrepreneurs; and develop programs and policies that contribute to strengthening the potential of local and displaced non-governmental organisations and communities.

We are grateful for the consistent support of the European Union and solidarity and assistance to Ukraine. We are honoured to implement projects and programmes funded by the EU aimed at strengthening Ukrainian civil society and implementing initiatives that overcome the challenges of war. I invite my colleagues in the sector to participate in the grant competition and implement useful projects”, – said Victor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation.

Non-governmental organisations can participate in the grant competition, including charitable organisations (nonbusiness associations, institutions, and foundations), non-governmental associations (non-governmental organisations and unions), and other legal entities registered in Ukraine and having the status of a nonprofit organisation.

Detailed information on competition conditions is available on the East Europe Foundation website by this link.

Stay tuned for further announcements, as the Phoenix Project includes an acceleration programme for the development of useful technological solutions, grants for the institutional development of non-governmental organisations, and the presentation of online courses.

Background information

The Phoenix Project is implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of the European Union and aimed at strengthening Ukrainian civil society to counteract the consequences of full-scale war. The project lasts from 2022 to 2024. 

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