Legal Consultation Platform

24/7 Free Legal Aid for Ukrainians – We are excited to introduce a new platform from the YurShtab team. YurShtab is a civil society organization that unites volunteer lawyers across Ukraine, offering advice on issues pertinent to the ongoing war.

An online platform, “Lawyer in a Smartphone,” provides free legal assistance, irrespective of your geographical location. It functions via our revamped website: Here, you can access legal services through your personal account. The website also features a News and Articles section, offering valuable insights into legal matters. 

This project is the culmination of six months of dedicated work by our team, aimed at developing a user-friendly tool. It forms part of the Phoenix Project Acceleration Program, funded by the European Union in Ukraine.

“We are delighted to back this project. The expanded functionality will enable us to assist an even larger number of individuals who require legal advice. Furthermore, the platform allows for swift and easy access to legal counsel, anytime, anywhere,” Diana Standratiuk, the Program Coordinator of East Europe Foundation, stated during the service presentation.

As always, you can seek assistance from YurShtab via our existing bots in various messaging apps. Our team of volunteers has already provided over 20,000 free consultations.