Training on creating online events

We invite you to a training session on creating online events and the presentation of a new course that will help non-governmental organisations be effective on social media. 

On July 27th at 3:00 PM, Andriy Shevchuk, an expert in visual communications and brand strategy, will share insights and practical demonstrations on:

  • Creating Facebook events
  • Preparing engaging text and visuals for events
  • Promoting events and attracting as many participants as possible

We will also review successful and unsuccessful examples and answer your questions.

Additionally, we will be presenting a free online course on the topic “Basics of SMM for NGOs” during the event.

Register for the event to receive reminders and useful materials afterward: Registration Form. Also subscribe to the Facebook-event.

The event is taking place within the framework of the Phoenix Project, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation with funds from the European Union.