Press Event: Presenation of the Research

On October 31, at 14:00, a press conference with representatives of East Europe Foundation and 4Service research company will be held at the Media Center Ukraine (8/16 Khmelnytskoho St., Kyiv). The event will present research on civil society organizations (CSOs) in the context of war. It was performed as part of the Phoenix Project implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of the European Union.


  • Viktor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation 
  • Olha Voitovych, Manager of the Phoenix Project of East Europe Foundation
  • Liubov Marholina, Development, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, East Europe Foundation
  • Viktoriia Skorbota, Development Director of the research agency 
  • Olena Bikla, co-author of the research, 4Service expert 


The Ukrainian civil society sector has responded promptly to the numerous problems caused by the war and has been involved in addressing them. CSOs’ flexibility, ability to mobilize resources, in-depth knowledge of local conditions, and ability to leverage donor funding make them indispensable in supporting Ukraine during the war and the post-war reconstruction process.

At the same time, changes have affected many areas of Ukrainian CSOs’ operations. They have to adapt to challenges, master new competences and frontiers of operation. The following results will be presented and discussed at the event:

  • changes in CSOs since the beginning of the full-scale invasion; problems and needs
  • CSO funding during the war
  • evaluation of organizations’ project activities
  • evaluation of organizational capacities
  • CSOs’ role in the country’s reconstruction.

The research is based on a combined approach that relies on quantitative and qualitative methods. A total of 621 representatives of civil society organizations were interviewed. These included one representative from each organization (management): 601 — through a quantitative survey, and 20 CSO representatives during the qualitative stage of the research.

Registration for press is provided on the location.