Spilnodiia Program

The Influencers Empowered: Working Together for Peace, or the Spilnodiia Program, is implemented by the East Europe Foundation in partnership with the Ukrainian Independent Center for Political Research and the Together Against Corruption nongovernmental organization with European Union funds.

Civil society and volunteers play an important role in overcoming the consequences of the Russian war in Ukraine. The Program will contribute to the capacity-building of volunteer groups and promote a volunteer movement in Ukraine.

Spilnodiia, or joint community action, is about:


  • Online courses for volunteers in cooperation with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine;
  • Offline trainings to attract volunteers to work with rescuers searching for landmines and sharing information with partners and sources; and,
  • Training and development for building skills.


  • A small grant program for civil society organizations engaged in volunteer activities;
  • Networking opportunities for volunteer organizations in Ukraine and abroad; and,
  • Access to European Union best practices in the volunteer movement.


  • Developing transparent and adequate rules for promoting volunteer activities;
  • Creating an algorithm to minimize improper use of humanitarian aid by volunteer communities that accept humanitarian aid and by all active citizens; and,
  • Launching a volunteer recognition campaign at the national and local levels.

Program implementation is between May 2021 and November 2023.

The Program covers Ukraine’s entire territory under the government’s control.