Three Gold Awards

At this year’s Digital Impact Awards, on October 18 in London, East Europe Foundation received three gold awards for its landmine safety campaign in Ukraine.

The award recognizes excellence in digital communications in more than 30 categories. The Foundation won three gold awards:

🏆Best Digital Communication as Part of an Integrated Campaign;

🏆Best Use of Digital from the Charity, NGO, or NFP Sector

🏆Best Use of Digital to Aid a CSR Campaign

From June 22 to March 2023, we implemented the landmine safety awareness campaign in cooperation with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine within the framework of the “Watch Your Step!” Program funded by DanChurchAid and the EU-funded “Spilnodiya” Program.

Today, Ukraine is one of the most mine-contaminated countries in the world,” said Victor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation. “Both adults and children suffer from explosive hazards. Throughout the campaign, we tried to minimize the number of accidents, deaths and injuries, mainly by explaining the rules of landmine safety.”

East Europe Foundation was a springboard for a number of projects that created the web portal and mobile application, “Demining Ukraine”; developed the training on explosive ordnance identification; and equipped the interactive classroom for children at the State Emergency Service.

The song and the video “Watch Where You’re Going”, which was created by the Foundation in partnership with the TNMK Band, and the online course “Watch Your Step! Watch Where You Are Going!”, co-hosted by Oleh (Fahot) Mykhailyuta, gained popularity among millions of Ukrainians and earned recognition from the jury of the international communication awards.  

The main reward for us is the saved lives and health of Ukrainians who were able to gain the necessary knowledge thanks to our work,” said Viktoriia Gladchenko, Communications Manager at East Europe Foundation. “Communication specialists know the challenge is always to find a format and tools that effectively convey this necessary information to as many people as possible. We are pleased that we have found such a format and that our colleagues appreciate it.”

This year, East Europe Foundation won silver for the campaign at the Kyiv International Advertising Festival 2023 and the landmine safety online course set a Ukrainian record for attracting the largest number of trainees. 

Video about the campaign: 

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