Online Course — a record holder

On May 9, 2023, a new record was set in Ukraine in the nomination The Largest Number of Participants of Online Training Course on Landmine Safety Watch Your Step! Watch Where You Are Going!

A total of number of trainees that took the course: 529,141.

“The topic of landmine safety is extremely important for Ukrainians and will be relevant for many years to come,” said Victor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation. “The enemy has sown our territories with landmines. Very often civilians suffer and die from mines. Many Ukrainians, including children, have already died as a result of detonation of explosive ordnance. As  Ukrainians are taking the course to learn very important rules, we are hopeful that it will help save many lives.”

Oleksandr Chekrygin, Director of the Emergency Prevention Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, also stressed the importance of this course for Ukrainians:

“According to the Ministry of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, since the beginning of the large-scale incursion of Russian troops into the territory of Ukraine, 237 civilians have died and more than 500 have been injured by explosive ordnance. It will take many years to completely clear Ukraine’s territories. However, people should know the basic rules: how to handle unexploded ordnance, what to do if you come across mines, where to call. Everyone’s awareness will contribute to the reduction of fatal and traumatic cases, and will also assist professionals in their demining operations. I am sure that thanks to joining efforts, we will win this war and make Ukraine and the world safer.”

The initiators of setting the record were East Europe Foundation and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

The course consists of five short sessions. Fagot, Ukrainian rock star and the course presenter, together with Ivan Shepelev, expert of the State Emergency Service, explain in a simple way about explosive objects and the rules of handling them.

The course is available at no charge on the Zrozumilo! Online Educational Platform.

“If we manage to save at least one life with the help of this course, then our efforts were not in vain,” said Oleg Fagot (Mykhailiuta), frontman of the TNMK band, soldier in the volunteer battalion, and the course presenter.

Online course Watch Your Step! Watch Where You Are Going! has been developed within the framework of the Watch Your Step! and Spilnodiia Programs, which are implemented by East Europe Foundation together with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine at the expense of the European Union and DanChurchAid.