Three Rules of Landmine Safety

It is these three “Do Nots!” that represent the basic rules for safe behavior with explosive or suspicious objects. These three “Do Nots!” can save lives. Everyone who is in Ukraine should know about and follow them.

To share these simple rules with as many people as possible, East Europe Foundation and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine created a video about landmine safety, “The Rule of Three “Do Nots!”.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion, our country has become one of the most landmine-contaminated countries in the world. Since the beginning of the war, mortality from explosive ordnance grows daily. Unfortunately, children are among the victims. The demining of Ukraine will take years and extend after the end of the war. So, landmine safety will be important and relevant for Ukrainians for some time.

A concise and understandable video instruction like this clearly illustrates what you do and don’t do when encountering an explosive object.

Do not come close to a suspicious object. Immediately move to a safe distance (at least 100 meters) in the same direction from which you approached the discovery.

Do not touch the object under any circumstances, even if you believe it is not dangerous. Mines can camouflage themselves in children’s toys or candies.

Don’t panic and stay calm. Prudent and consistent action will save the lives of you and those around you. Only in a calm, balanced state can you make the right decisions.

The next step should be reporting to the State Emergency Service about your deadly find. Call 101 or use the “Demining Ukraine” mobile application.

This video was produced with support of East Europe Foundation in cooperation with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine as part of two Programs: “Watch Your Step!” funded by DanChurchAid and “Spilnodia” funded by the European Union.