Stiykist’ Programme
Програма Стійкість

East Europe Foundation is implementing Stiykist’ Programme within a consortium of non-governmental organisations led by ERIM (Equal Rights and Independent Media, France) in partnership with Human Rights House Foundation, Human Rights House Tbilisi, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, and funded by the European Union.

The Programme, which runs from June 2022 to May 2023, aims to strengthen civil society organisations (CSOs), public activists, and media outlets in Ukraine affected by the war.

The Programme mainly targets the central regions of Ukraine, which have become a shelter for many internally displaced people and organisations.

Key areas of activity include:

Grant component for civil society organisations and media outlets

  • Support for CSOs and media representatives, as well as for their family members during their relocation from regions affected by military operations and helping them in maintaining life in a new place. Among other things, funds are provided for logistics expenses, medical care, rental of temporary housing, strengthening organisational capacity, and so on.
  • Grants for media outlets registered as public organisations to ensure their uninterrupted operation. Funds may be used for salaries coverage, purchase of necessary equipment for editorial office work and content production, securing data, provision of psychological support, etc.
  • Support for organisations that start coworking spaces and offices for internally displaced representatives of civil society organisations and the media. There is an opportunity to get funds for the launch and organisational support of such centres.

Strengthening resilience through educational initiatives

  • Development of online courses

The Programme will include the creation of five online courses on essential topics to ensure effective work and increase the resilience of CSOs and journalists in war and post-war conditions. An audience will be able to learn how to relocate an organisation, what aspects are important in the process of relocation, and how to build a civil society organisation in Ukraine. The courses will also cover topics of personal safety of activists and journalists, fighting disinformation, developing skills for overcoming conflicts and building connections. The courses will be available for free to everyone on Zrozumilo! online educational platform.

  • Training programme and mentorship for displaced activists and CSOs

EEF will conduct a series of training sessions on adaptive management of CSOs, planning projects focused on the provision of assistance and recovery in the time of war and afterward, development of communication skills, usage of e-democracy tools and public technologies, work with volunteers, provision of emotional support in stressful circumstances, inclusive programming of activities and inclusive communities, development of a roadmap for reorienting CSOs to work in new conditions.

  • Methodological materials and workshops for representatives of communities hosting internally displaced persons

As part of the Programme, EEF will publish a collection of handy materials for communities and conduct workshops that will promote effective adaptation and successful interaction of displaced people and CSOs with host communities.

Program news
Course for Communities Working with IDPs
Course for Host Communities Working with IDPs "Integration and Adaptation of IDPs" is available on Zrozimilo Online Platform
Community effectiveness (discussion)
An expert discussion took place at Interfax-Ukraine, focused on the strategic directions of local self-government work
We Invite tou to a press event
On July 24, 2023, at 13:00, the Interfax-Ukraine News Agency will host a public event “Communities in the wartime: how and why to perform better?"
Useful Guide for Communities
Guide for Communities on IDPs Integration prepared with EU support
Monitoring and Evaluation Course Released for NGOs
East Europe Foundation and the Evaluation Association of Ukraine with the financial support of the European Union created new useful online course for CSOs
New Сourse on Wartime Information Operations
The course helps to develop skills of critical perception of information, build resistance to propaganda, and recognize manipulations.
Cybersecurity Course for NGOs
Zrozumilo! Online Educational Platform presents a new course on personal and corporate cybersecurity and data protection released in the form of educational series.
Training and presentation of the course
Find out about secure communication on the Internet, features of messengers and a new course on cybersecurity for CSOs
Notes from the discussion platform
Discussion of the experience and challenges of communities and IDPs, local solutions for the challenges that arose since February 24, 2022, and subsequent transformation of those challenges.
Psychological support group for CSOs
Open call for representatives of the public sector to participate in a psychological support group based on the course "Psychological Resilience for CSOs in a time of war"
Online Course on Psychological Resilience
We Present Free Online Course on Psychological Resilience for Civil Society Organisations
Workshop for communities in Ivano-Frankivsk
Representatives of the host community discussed how to interact with internally displaced persons in order to better adapt new residents at the workshop within the training component of the “Stiyikist’” Programme.
Our resilience leads us to victory
In November, East Europe Foundation held a training "CSOs' work during the war: how to overcome challenges" in Lviv, which gathered 60 representatives of SCOs
Winners of communities' selection
16 territorial communities will take part in training from EEF
Переможці відбору громад
We continue to evaluate applications
Winners of the Stiykist' Programme grant competition will be announced in mid-November
We presented the work of EEF
In October, on the 30th Congress “Neighborhood in the middle of Europe” in Rzeszow, Poland we presented EEF work in a time of war.
The EEF partners visited Ukraine
Colleagues from France and Norway visited EEF and partner CSOs of Chernihiv and Vinnytsia.
We Support the Host Communities
We announce the selection of Joint Territorial Communities for the “Home Together: Resistant Community, Effective IDPs Adaptation” Component
Grant Writing Training Sessions
EEF to Hold Grant Writing Training Sessions for CSOs on September 20-22