We Support the Host Communities

We would like to invite the representatives of local authorities to take part in an application process for “Home Together: Resistant Community, Effective IDPs Adaptation”, an educational component of Stiykist Programme. 

The component will include the following range of activities: research on needs of the community, workshops, creation of practical materials. The works will be focused on improving interaction between local authorities, internally displaced persons, and public organisations – including the ones which were relocated.

We invite heads, deputy heads of joint territorial communities, local specialists in diverse fields, and representatives of regional centres for provision of social services to join our effort. 

Why is the initiative important?

Since February 24, millions of Ukrainians had to flee their home in search for a safer place and settled in new cities and villages. Internally displaced persons themselves as well as the hosting communities have faced many challenges: finding and furnishing living spaces, search for new opportunities for work and potential realisation, adaptation and integration, financial difficulties and so on. 

We are planning to process experience of different communities and together develop effective approaches to overcoming today’s problems and difficulties.

Within the component “Home Together: Resistant Community, Effective IDPs Adaptation”, selected communities will be able to:

  • research the needs and problems their territorial community is facing, with a focus on these challenges that emerged or became more acute as a result of a full-scale invasion; 
  • participate in educational activities (workshops), which will be attended by local authorities, public organisations representatives, internally displaced persons, and experts;
  • exchange experience and cases with the representatives of other communities and oblasts;
  • develop comprehensive methodical materials to promote the integration of internally displaced persons to community life and establish a strong partnership between internally displaced persons, authorities, and locals.

Within all planned activities, participating joint territorial communities will be supported by EEF’s and invited experts.

In total, up to 15 communities will be selected for participation. 

We invite employees of local authorities and agencies – heads, deputy heads of joint territorial communities, local specialists in diverse fields, and representatives of regional centres for provision of social services – to apply for participation in the new initiative. 

During applications consideration, priority will be given to territorial communities that:

  • show strong motivation of community representatives for participation in this Programme component;
  • provide timely application for participation in the component from local authorities of the community;
  • have a population of no more than 100 thousand people;
  • have the largest number of registered internally displaced persons among other applying communities;
  • host a relocated business and/or public organisation – this information should be indicated in the application form;
  • have existing Memoranda of Cooperation with East Europe Foundation or are ready to conclude such memoranda.

Applying for participation, candidates undertake an obligation to participate in all activities planned within the component (surveys, workshops, focus group meetings, research and recording of the typical problems).

To participate in the competitive selection for the component, representatives of local authorities should fill out the online questionnaire.

Application deadline: October 17, 2022

Results of competitive selection for the component will be announced no later than mid-November 2022.

All received applications will be considered and evaluated by an independent expert commission based on the selection criteria. 

In case you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us via email: Please indicate Відбір громад in email subject.

“Stiyikist” Programme is implemented by East Europe Foundation within a consortium of non-governmental organisations led by ERIM (Equal Rights and Independent Media, France) in partnership with Human Rights House Foundation, Human Rights House Tbilisi, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, and funded by the European Union.