Grant Writing Training Sessions

On September 20-22, 2022, during the three-day training programme, experts of East Europe Foundation will help NGOs improve their skills and learn main grant writing principles.

Preparing a high–quality application and getting a grant is not an easy task. The requirements of donor organisations, logical matrices of projects, budgeting, and evaluation of results – all of these require attention and hard work. Only this way, an organisation can win the grant competition. We invite you to learn how to prepare quality applications and how to report on them.

During the thirteen years of EEF’s operation, more than seven million dollars were issued in the form of grants to local NGOs. EEF specialists have processed thousands of grant applications, so they can share their practical experience, lifehacks, and best practices for preparing successful applications.

As part of the three-day training programme “How to Prepare a Successful Grant Application”, participants will attend online sessions and learn more about:

  • structure of the grant application and how to fill out grant applications correctly;
  • project performance evaluation tools that should be used;
  • indicators; outcomes vs outputs;
  • how to create a logical project matrix;
  • how to plan and describe the communication activities in grant projects;
  • reporting;
  • interaction with the donor organisation at the stage of grant competition/application preparation.

As a bonus, all training programme participants will receive plenty of useful materials and resources to strengthen the sustainability of their NGO.

Who will find the training programme useful?

The programme would be interesting to grant, programme, and communication specialists of NGOs, as well as to anyone aiming to developing their competencies in grant writing and implementing grant projects.

We also encourage the following applicant categories to sign up:

  • media that have statuses of public organisations;
  • youth civil society organisations;
  • civil society organisations that promote social empowerment (e.g. co-working spaces, information centres for IDPs and CSOs);
  • civil society organisations working in the field of human rights protection, provide assistance and support to the LGBTIQ+ community, deal with the rights of minorities, as well as protect the rights of women.

To participate in the training, please fill out the Google form available here: (your answers should be in Ukrainian)

Registration is open until September 16.

The training program will last for three days with several lectures per day, with a break between lectures. Training sessions will begin on September 20, 2022. 

The schedule and detailed agenda will be sent via e-mail only to registered participants. An unlimited number of representatives of the same organisation can participate.

This training program is conducted within the “Stiyikist” Programme, which East Europe Foundation implements within a consortium of non-governmental organisations led by ERIM (Equal Rights and Independent Media, France) in partnership with Human Rights House Foundation, Human Rights House Tbilisi, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, and funded by the European Union.

By the way, East Europe Foundation will announce a grant competition for Ukrainian CSOs in Fall 2022 as a part of the “Stiyikist” Programme, so you will be able to actually apply your new knowledge very soon.

For more information and with questions, please contact: