Community effectiveness (discussion)

An expert discussion took place at Interfax-Ukraine, organized by East Europe Foundation with the support of ERIM and funded by the European Union. The discussion focused on the strategic directions of local self-government work, the benefits and peculiarities of monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness, as well as the mobilization of grant funds for community development.

“We consistently encourage and call upon local self-government: partner with your local NGOs, develop joint projects to use grant funds for solving your local problems. This is a significant additional resource,” says Vira Nedzvedska, Program Manager at East Europe Foundation.

Here are a few more quotes from the summary of the discussion:

 “You can always find someone who will look at your documents and point out: this result is not realistic, it needs to be adjusted here, find another indicator there. Try to have another view next to you, which can honestly recommend, correct you. Indeed, we have a civil society that can do it,,” says Olha Krasovska, an independent evaluation expert, and the head of the Board of the Ukrainian Evaluation Association in 2020-2023.

 “Local self-government needs to be efficient because people see how the city authorities work and how money is spent, and they can react quickly when incorrect decisions are made. The war brings greater sharpness,” noted Anatoliy Tkachuk, Director of Science and Development at the Institute of Civil Society.

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The event took place within the Stiykist’ Programme, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation within a consortium of non – governmental organisations led by ERIM (France) in partnership with Human Rights House Foundation, Human Rights House Tbilisi, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, and funded by the European Union.