Employment Opportunities with Diia.Digital Education

According to the UN International Labor Organization report, almost five million Ukrainians have lost their jobs since the outbreak of the full-scale invasion.

To create opportunities for up-skilling and reskilling and further employment of Ukrainians, allocated a grant of USD 2 million. The grant funds will be used to promote digital education in Ukraine, in particular, to develop Diia.Digital Education platform.

Within the framework of the Program, which East Europe Foundation implements in cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and Tides Foundation with funds from, we plan to undertake the following:

  • Create a mobile application linked with the Diia.Digital Education platform, with elements of gamification;
  • Develop new courses to help Ukrainians acquire new digital skills; the course participants will be issued certificates of completion;
  • Add job search capabilities to the application so that companies can post their job offers and citizens can apply for vacancies through the platform;
  • Create more than 100 front-edge business trainings;
  • Implement communication campaigns to encourage Ukrainians to use the platform; and,
  • Improve platform technical support, train trainers and assist digital education hubs with equipment and facilities.

Reskilling and improving the digital skills of Ukrainians, especially from the most vulnerable groups at risk of job insecurity such as forcibly displaced persons, women and the elderly, will certainly help them to be competitive on the labor market and reduce the unemployment rate in the country.

Program implementation is from October 2022 to January 2025.