Diia.Education platform

The updated educational platform Diia.Education was presented on 17 May. The project was launched at the Ministry of Digital Transformation initiative with the support of East Europe Foundation and

Diia.Education is an updated platform of relevant knowledge and skills that will enable Ukrainians to learn new professions in innovative, inclusive formats and for free:

The resource is based on the Diia.Digital Education platform that was launched in 2020 and funded by the Swiss-Ukrainian EGAP Program implemented by East Europe Foundation. In three years, it has helped about two million Ukrainians acquire digital skills and improve their digital literacy.

Diia.Digital Education is now scaling up, so that every Ukrainian can develop new skills and take the first steps towards their dream profession.

Diia.Education offers its users many updates, including:

  •     50 new educational series featuring celebrities and influencers;
  •     50 simulations of the most popular professions in the labour market;
  •     many different content formats, including quizzes and simulations of various situations at work;
  •     more topics in various educational areas: from launching start-ups to the features of an architect’s work;
  •     in both Ukrainian and English.

‘Due to the Great War, the poverty rate in Ukraine has increased by almost a quarter, and seven million people have found themselves living below the poverty line. That is why it is important for the state to launch free educational opportunities so that all willing Ukrainians, including internally displaced persons, can receive effective training and learn a new profession. Our project — made jointly by the Eastern Europe Foundation,, and the Ministry of Digital Transformation — is a vivid example of this positive cooperation’, Viktor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation, comments.


‘Today, many people need retraining to change their career path. That’s why the new Diia.Education platform offers several sections: from edutainment series (the concept of learning through entertainment) to reskilling and upskilling using artificial intelligence. Choose an educational series, test your new skills through a job simulator, get a certificate, and you will be matched with all the open jobs in your area! Mastering a profession has never been easier’, says Valeria Ionan, Deputy Minister for Eurointegration at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

The presentation also featured two discussion panels with the partners of the educational series. In particular, they discussed the needs of employers adapted to the new conditions, the labour market during martial law, and the challenges faced by citizens looking for work now.

Register on the updated Diia.Education platform and learn a new profession quickly. It is just a few clicks away!

The Diia.Education national platform has been updated at the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine with the support of and East Europe Foundation.