Publications and reports
Analytical report on Ukrainian legislation
Compliance of the legislation of Ukraine with separate provisions of the legal regulation of the field of open data in the European Union.
Guide for Communities on IDPs Integration
East Europe Foundation presents a practical guide for communities hosting people displaced by war
Shelter Program Annual Report
More details about what and how we accomplished are described in the Shelter Program’s annual report. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the Shelter Program’s activities and achievements.
Do NGOs need communications specialists?
Answer the question - why communicate your project and tell the public what you do? Especially when everyone is overloaded with work, stress of the wartime, tight deadlines, and, until recently, constant Internet and power outages… It is not uncommon for organizations to place communication at the bottom of their grant initiative priorities. Ultimately, the key thing is that we do a good deed and help people. But is this enough?
Зовнішнє оцінювання 3DProject
«3D Project»: report on final evaluation
Nearly two-year Program of East Europe Foundation «3D Project: Development Despite Disruption. Resilient civil society in a time of COVID-19 and beyond» has been finished in May 2022. Vox Populi Agency has conducted an independent external evaluation of this Program. The Program confidently achieved the expected results on the outcome level, despite the beginning of the war, which started at the final stage of Program implementation.
Обкладинка для сайту_посібник з коучингу
Guide on Leadership Coaching for CSOs
Having accumulated the experience of the Coaching Program for NGOs Leaders, East Europe Foundation supported by the EU issued a free guide for CSOs to support and empower them in the times of uncertainty
Звіт за проєктом Шелтер
Interim report for Shelter Project
East Europe Foundation presented the interim report featuring our efforts in provision of assistance to Ukrainians who have suffered the consequences of the full-scale war for 2,5 months
Civic Leadership Academy
Five stories about how activists in Eastern and Southern Ukraine are growing stronger
Брошура з історіями учасників коучингової програми
Coaching for CSOs during pandemic
The Eastern Europe Foundation has published a brochure with the stories of participants of the coaching programfor the leaders of CSOs during pandemic of Covid-19 . Participants share their stories about the results of the program, and the effect of coaching as an instrument to better overcome the uncertainty and distance caused by the pandemic.