Publications and reports
SSE: report on final evaluation
In November 2021, after the completion of the two-year program for the implementation of social school entrepreneurship, the NGO "Center for Social Audit" conducted its independent external evaluation. According to it, the program has achieved the overall goal and expected results.
EEF Annual Report for 2020–2021
East Europe Foundation presented its program and financial report for 2020—the first half of 2021.
Social school entrepreneurship: your first startup
East Europe Foundation presented a manual on social school entrepreneurship for students in grades 8 (9, 10, 11). This is the first and universal publication in Ukraine, which collected and systematized the theoretical basis, basic concepts, and terms, and most importantly—proposed an algorithm for creating social school firms in secondary schools.
Corporate volunteering
East Europe Foundation has prepared a translation of the handbook "Corporate volunteering: positive impact on youth, communities, companies, and employees"