Phoenix Program Grantees: Part Two

East Europe Foundation announced the second group of grant competition winners under the Phoenix project implemented with funds from the European Union. Eight more nongovernmental organisations will implement projects to support internally displaced persons (IDPs) and host communities during the war.

Nearly 300 applicants submitted their projects to participate in the grant competition. Here we present our eight grantees and their projects to be implemented:

NGO “MainStream” with the project “Strengthening the Capacity of IDPs in the Zaporizhzhia Region to Contibute to Recovery and Development of De-occupied Territories”, Zaporizhzhia region

The organisation seeks to strengthen the capacity of IDPs in Zaporizhzhia region to participate in the recovery and development of the de-occupied territories. They plan to assist IDPs as they are preparing to return to the liberated territories and conduct information and awareness raising campaign on the basics of entrepreneurship, project management, financial literacy, and involvement in local government processes.

Grant Amount: UAH 656,825.00.

NGO “Analytical Center “Socioconsulting” with the project “Monitoring Social Integration of IDPs into Host Communities: Method Development, Testing and Implementation”

The project aim is to build capacity of both authorities and civil society to develop a sound evidence-based policy on IDP integration. The project will devise and pilot a universal monitoring tool to facilitate the IDP integration in communities across  Ukraine, as well as implement and promote the developed tool.

Grant Amount: UAH 799,984.00.

NGO “Yavoriv Local Economic Development Agency” will implement the project “Synergy of Intersectoral Partnerships for the Integration of Relocated Businesses into the Community’s Economic Space”

Project Geography: territorial communities in the Lviv region: Yavoriv City Territorial Community, Pustomyty City Territorial Community, Stryi City Territorial Community, Horodok City Territorial Community, Drohobych City Territorial Community.

The project will assist relocated business companies to integrate well with their new communities and to relaunch their business operations through establishing new partnerships with local entrepreneurs, local authorities and communities. The project is expected to boost social and economic development of the communities.

Grant Amount: UAH 619,650.00.

NGO “Together towards Successful Business” with the project “Hospitable Community” Project Geography: Ladyzhyn City Territorial Community in Haisyn district, Vinnytsia region.

 The project will facilitate the IDP integration into the Ladyzhyn City Community in the Vinnytsia region. It will include a series of events for IDPs, trainings, IDP needs assessment and will result in the development of a comprehensive program for the IDP integration into the Ladyzhyn community in the Vinnytsia region.

Grant Amount: 400 000.00 UAH.

NGO “Academy of Success” with the project “Comprehensive Support for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and Development of Entrepreneurial Skills of IDPs” in the Vinnytsia and Khmelnytskyi regions

 The project aims to address several issues to promote business and entrepreneurship across communities through creating an enabling environment for the relocated entrepreneurs and raising awareness of relocated businesses and IDPs on current business agenda in their new communities.

Grant Amount: UAH 787,925.00.

NGO “Against Corruption: will work on the project “Advocating Local Policies to Protect Internally Displaced Persons” in the Cherkasy region

The project will strengthen the capacity of IDP women to integrate into life in rural communities in the Cherkasy region through advocacy activities, and promote participation in decision-making and oversight at the local level.

Grant Amount: UAH 519,683.00.

 Public Union “Prykarpattia Road of Taste” with the project “Ridni (Folks) – a Center for Interaction Between Relocated and Local Businesses”, Ivano-Frankivsk Amalgamated Territorial Community

 The key objective is the project is to facilitate the integration of small and microbusinesses into the business community in Ivano-Frankivsk. The project will strengthen cooperation of relocated small and microbusinesses with the local business community and local governments. Small and microbusinesses will receive guidance on how to raise funds from donors. A number of events are planned under the project, including business breakfasts, exchange of experience workshops, fairs and roundtables.

Grant Amount: UAH 785,600.00.

NGO “Youth Movement Shift” with the project “Business Club for Owners and Managers of Relocated Businesses” in Dnipro City

 The project will assist relocated small and microbusinesses as they are relaunching their entrepreneurial activity in the city of Dnipro. The project aim is multifold: to strengthen ties between local and relocated small and micro enterprises and to improve the knowledge of relocated entrepreneurs in key areas of business activity such as strategic planning, marketing, and sales. As part of the project, a business club of relocated enterprises will be established as a platform for exchanges and sprouting new ideas.

Grant Amount: UAH 799,875.00.

The list of initial winners can be found at the link.